WHOOPSIE: Skye Wheatley Accidentally Posted Her BF Taking A Shit In Her Now-Deleted TikTok

Gold Coast-based influencer Skye Wheatley has given her TikTok audience a little bit more content than they asked for this week. To be specific, a glimpse of her partner Lachlan Waugh taking a shit.

In the video, Skye, who is known for posting all sorts of content from daily family vlogs, fashion, and fitness, was seen talking to the camera with a protein shaker in hand. But in the background, eagle-eyed followers could see Lachlan sitting on the loo with his pants around his ankles, staring at Skye.

Look, I personally think that if you’re dropping kids off at the pool, so to speak, you should shut the door. But honestly, I can’t hate on a couple for being super comfortable with each other in this way, so I guess that’s a slay?

Fans started posting screenshots of the vid on various gossip groups online and not long after, Skye deleted the video. But if you want to see a screenshot of Lachy’s surprising cameo, the Daily Mail Australia managed to nab a screenshot of the now-deleted vid which you can see here.

This whole thing reminds me of that one time my mum got a bunch of films developed from Christmas morning and was happily showing it to my neighbour, Sharon. Little did my sweet mother know that in the reflection in the mirror was my dad, absolutely stark naked after he’d had a shower.

Shazza squealed and chucked the photos to the ground. Shazza copped more than she asked for that day and my mum was absolutely ~mortified~.

Skye’s version is like a fun, modern-day take on that whole debacle. So I guess we’ve all been there, sis!

Well, you and my mum have.

(Image Credit: Instagram / Skye Wheatley @skye.wheatley)