The Shrek 5 Release Date May Have Been Leaked By An Intern & We’d Like To Hire Them As A TY

Well slap me silly and paint me green because there’s a rumour going around that there’s another Shrek film in the works — and it’s all thanks to an intern. It’s perfect timing if you ask me because I’ve been waiting for another reason to watch the entire Shrek franchise despite my partner’s pained pleas of “Again, Laura, really?”

According to the gossip gurus at TMZ, the rumours kicked off after a woman who claimed to work as an intern for NBCUniversal shared her resume on LinkedIn. She listed a bunch of valuable skills and tasks she’d completed during her three months in the role. But it was the projects she’d worked on that garnered a lot of attention from the Shrek fandom.

Alongside Wicked Part I & II and Despicable Me 4 — which have both been confirmed by the network— the intern had written “Shrek 5 (DreamWorks Animation 2025).

For those wondering, NBCUniversal is the parent company for Dreamworks so this is HUGE if true.

On the resume, the intern listed that she’d been doing “consumer product work” which basically means it was part of her job to work out where to put brand mentions in the flick. Like sneaking in a can of coke or something.

Unluckily for the intern, it looks like someone clocked the Shrek mention and shared it across social media where the rumours quickly made it a trending topic.

But since the screenshot started to do the rounds, TMZ reported that the intern’s profile has been edited. Now, there’s no mention of Shrek 5 at all and NBCUniversal has kept silent over the issue.

If the whispers turn out to be true, we could be tuning into a new Shrek movie in 2025. Regardless, I’ll be forcing the PEDESTRIAN office to listen to the Shrek soundtrack over the speakers for the, uh, second time this week.

We have reached out to NBCUniversal for comment.

I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that this rumour turns out to be true.