Cult Burlesque Show Shreklesque Is Almost Here & My Shussy Is Going Into Ogredrive

shreklesque which is a shrek themed burlesque show.

Prepare thineselves, Shrek Burlesque is touring Australia and this shussy is about to get swamped.

We’re three yea- I mean months into 2022 and it’s been completely shit. But change is in the air friends, for the Shreckoning is coming.

Shreklesque is exactly what it sounds like: a burlesque show performed by Shrek characters.

The show has been around for a few years and was first held in Perth 2020. Clearly what the universe gave us to balance that cursed year.

Now the sexy, yassified versions of the characters you know, love and maybe are horny for are hitting several Aussie cities to warm up both your winter and your pants.

Now it’s well known that Shrek is the pinnacle of sexual desire, but for those of you heathens who aren’t slaves to the gaze of the big daddy himself, don’t worry — there’s plenty of other faves to send you into ogredrive. The cast includes:

  • Trigger Happy as Shrek
  • Selin Tian as Princess Fiona
  • Henny Spaghetti as Donkey
  • Tugboat Tiffy as Gingerbread Man
  • Bebe Gunn as Dragon
  • Baron von Envy as Magic Mirror
  • Barbie Banks as Pinocchio
  • Rainbow as Lord Farquaad
  • Indea-Rose Sekula as Robin Hood
  • Rosi Rawdog as Fairy Godmother
  • De La Vinx as Swing

The shrexy show will kick off its Australian tour in Sydney’s Enmore Theatre in June.

After that, it’ll make its way round Launceston, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, before heading across the pond to New Zealand.

The tour will then head back to Australia and wrap up in Darwin.

Obviously, the shows are selling out super quick. Tickets are on sale now, and they’re selling out FAST. So if you want a taste of that sweet, sweet swamp water, better get in quick.