‘Sex And The City’ Fan Shags 1000 Guys

Highly respectable international news journal has interviewed Christina Saunders, a lady in England who had sex with 1,000 men after a brush with illness inspired her to act more like her favourite Sex And The City character, Samantha Jones. She set herself the challenge to do a thousand guys in 10 years and just completed her mission. YAAAY!

There’s no way I could do a better job of covering this story than Jane Atkinson of the aforementioned publication so I’ll give you the gist in point form:

She slept with at least one stranger a week, travelled the world hunting for men to bed, and took part in threesomes.

– She’d go on 18-30 holidays to up her tally

– She once slept with 15 men in a week in Ibiza

– “I didn’t feel dirty, just empowered,” said Christina.

– Christina found she too enjoyed a Cosmopolitan – not the cocktail loved by the SATC girls, just men from around the world!

– “Friends accused me of being a slut.”

– Christina had a lesbian fling after meeting Katia at a swingers’ club “It was the best orgasm I have ever had”.

– Christina would keep a tally of her men in a notebook by her bed, rating each out of ten.

Last month she did it with Mr 1000 at a friend’s party completing her Sex And The City Samantha challenge.

Lucky she wasn’t a really big fan of Tony Soprano.

Via News of the World