Sex And The City 2 Trailer

I’m not against you Sex And The City fans, I’m with you. Truth be told I’m one of you. But the trailer for Sex And The City 2 is sporting a giant “kick me” sign on its Chanel blouse and I’ll be damned if i don’t Manolo Blahnik the shit out of it.

Dammit, see what you made me do SATC? I verbalized a shoe brand. OK back to the task at hand. What’s wrong with this trailer? No dramatic tension whatsoever for one. No really, after watching the trailer I have no idea why this film exists outside of funding Sarah Jessica Parker’s estrogen injections. It’s like a 90 minute hip hop video with more dialogue and better clothes. Also they go to Africa?

Secondly there’s the cheesy as hell voice over. (Cut to Carrie tap tap tapping away on her circa ’00 Mac) “Considering I invert everything I say to strip all meaning from my sentences, I couldn’t help but wonder…Could I strip all meaning from my sentences by inverting everything I say?” Yes Carrie, yes you can.

Here’s the spoon bending Mr. Miyagi/Yoda-isms in the trailer: “In two years amazing things can happen. Things you never thought would happen in a million years.” And just when you think you’ve seen it all. It hits you. You haven’t seen anything yet.” Wow! Really? Just when you think you’ve seen it all hey? That’s the exact moment when you realize that you haven’t seen anything? How ironic considering you thought you’d seen it all only moments before. Life’s tricky like that.

Lastly we have to mention the worst name pun in movie history. And it’s used TWICE. The first instance is in a title that reads “This Summer get ready to Carrie on” and moments later “Get Carried away”. We’d be happier with “This Summer Carrie gets Big…Mr. Big” but it’s not uplifting in the same way the first two are right? Are we getting Carried away with the criticism?

Anyway we ain’t hating but unless Carrie’s walk in wardrobe is rendered in 3D we’re not expecting much beyond mindless fun, sexual innuendo and flashy frocks.