Seth Rogen Confirms He Was The First To Alert Tom Cruise Of Internet Porn

Seth Rogen, wizened sage of stoner comedy, has confirmed the validity of a deeply Seth Rogen story: yes, he really was the lucky human to inform Tom Cruise that internet porn is a very real thing.

The genesis of this smutty tale was Judd Apatow‘s most recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where longtime Rogen collaborator Apatow recounted the time the pair met with Cruise regarding a potential rom-com project.

“I don’t know how it came up, but it usually comes up with Seth, where he starts talking about marijuana and pornography,” Apatow said.

And he starts talking about watching adult films on the internet, and Tm Cruise goes, “what? You’re saying there’s adult films on the internet?”

And Seth’s like “yeah, there’s all these movies on these websites!”

And Tom Cruise is like “wait a minute, you’re saying, if I go on the world wide web, there are people having sex on this [information super-]highway?”

Now, Rogen has confirmed that is exactly what happened – and divulged even more fascinating intel about the situation.

Speaking to Vulture, Rogen said the interaction occurred in 2006. Of course, that was the year when he was thrust into serious Hollywood stardom with Knocked Up, and the year Tom Cruise vaulted onto Oprah‘s couch to sing his loves for partner Katie Holmes. 

“I obviously had no recollection of that, and then when I saw [Apatow] tell it, I was like, ‘Oh, yeah! I told Tom Cruise that internet pornography exists, and he didn’t know,’” Rogen said.

“Which is crazy!” he added.

Rogen also said that Cruise, who he pegged as a “very sheltered man,” narrowly missed him pissing into a bottle.

The bearded bloke said he needed to wee real bad in the moments before their meeting, but feared it would be weird to use the bathroom immediately after rocking up.

“I stopped halfway through it and peed in a Snapple bottle I had in my car,” he said. “And then sealed it up and finished the ride up the driveway, and greeted Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and his newborn baby, Suri.”

Somehow Rogen and Apatow didn’t end up working with Cruise, but at least we have this anecdote.