OOFT: Scott Disick Has Reportedly Been ‘Excommunicated’ By The Kardashians

Scott Disick at Windsor Smith at Chadstone Shopping Centre

Scott Disick has reportedly been “excommunicated” by the Kardashian family, which is certainly a spicy word choice. It’s giving Martin Luther being excommunicated from the Catholic Church in 1521.

I bet you didn’t think you’d ever read a story about Scott Disick that included a cameo from a medieval priest, did you?

Back to the present day, a source close to Disick told Page Six the banishment began following Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker‘s nuptials.

“Ever since Kourtney got married, he doesn’t spend as much time with that whole group,” the insider said.

“He’s been kind of excommunicated because the priority is Travis.

“He had to regroup who his relationships are.”

It’s one thing to be rejected by the Kardashian family but for it to happen because they’re too obsessed with a Blink-182 drummer is, dare I say it, quite funny.

What’s less humorous is the fact Scott wasn’t excommunicated for being in his late thirties and dating not one, but two 19-year-olds, yet somehow Kourtney and Travis’ wedding was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In slightly confusing news though, another source told Page Six the Lord himself has still been filming The Kardashians with the messy family, despite being “distanced” from them.

It pains me to say it but I will simply never tire of keeping up with these people. Hook the chaos, drama and hypocrisy into my veins.

Kourtney and Travis were first linked romantically in 2020 and got engaged in October 2021.

The dynamic duo got hitched in May 2022 and the entire event was a Kravisty, with kings of racism, sexism, homophobia and fatphobia Dolce & Gabbana seemingly being involved in every goddamn detail.

The disgraced brand owned the venue the event was hosted at and dressed almost everyone, from the bride and groom to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, including KimKhloéKylieKendallKris and Kourtney and Travis’ kids. God, that’s a lot of names starting with K.

While the event was certainly a kerfuffle, the post-wedding drama involving Scott is hardly a surprise, given the fact he didn’t react too well to Kravis’ engagement.

I guess we’ll need to wait until the next series of The Kardashians comes out to know the full tea. I’ve already got my popcorn ready.