Kourtney & Travis Confirmed They’re V. Much Married With A Synchronised Insta Post Drop

travis barker kourtney kardashian married instagram official

UPDATE – May 17 2022: IT’S OFFICIAL. Kourtney and Travis posted up a series of photos on their respective Instagram grids on Tuesday morning, confirming what we’d all suspected. They’re married, baby!

And now we wait for the big blowout party that’s surely in the works. There’s no way Kris would let them get hitched without at least one (1) televised event.

ORIGINAL: May 16, 2022

Crack open a morning bottle of bubbles because it seems that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are actually, officially and legally married.

TMZ — the proprietors of hot gossip — announced the couple got for-real married in California at the weekend a month and a bit after they got fake-married in Las Vegas.

Photos and whispers reckon Kourt and Travis got hitched at the local courthouse in Anacapa, Santa Barbara with a small gathering of witnesses, including Kourtney’s grandma and Travis’ dad.

The couple were spotted driving off in a lowrider vintage convertible Cadillac with a sign reading “Just Married” on the back and a clutch of tin cans trailing behind.

Although we’re yet to see anything confirmed on social media (there’s not even a peep on Instagram from Kris Jenner) it’s reported they signed the paperwork on Sunday and are very much legally husband and wife.

Apparently, there’s a full-on wedding ceremony in Italy to come, which we can only expect will be larger than life itself.

It’s also not lost on me (and other Travis/Blink 182 fans) that their trip to Italy last August was the first big trans-Atlantic flight Travis had been on since he was in a horrific plane crash in 2008. Knowing that they’re reportedly going back there for a big flashy wedding do is just such a nice touch to his personal journey, too.

Love — don’t ya just love it? Congrats mum and dad!