The Actor Who Played Tomika In School Of Rock Is Proud Her Body-Positive Scene Has Gone Viral

School of Rock

The scene in School of Rock where Tomika (played by singer Mayhrenate) tells Jack Black she’s worried about being too fat to look cool on stage has resurfaced online, and now Mayhrenate herself has reflected on just how powerful this moment was for young people around the world.

Things kicked off when a clip was posted online on Monday with the caption “This scene is more revolutionary than I think they even knew and it really stuck with me as a child. Especially the last line.”

That tweet quickly amassed 400,000 likes and over 6.7 million views, as well as a flurry of replies from people saying how impactful this moment was for their sense of self-worth.

“I also love that he didn’t deny her and say ‘ur not fat’,” one person replied.

“Calling her skinny wouldn’t have had as much of an impact on me as him giving her confidence did.”

Now Mayhrenate herself has added her two cents, and she too is pleased with how well the scene has aged after all these years.

“As a child I didn’t realise the full impact of the scene but it definitely hits different today,” she wrote in a quote-tweet.

“Glad to have played a part in such an important moment/scene.”

Mayhrenate (who was credited as Maryam Hassan in School of Rock) hasn’t actually done much acting since the movie hit cinemas in 2003.

Instead, she’s launched a music career and actually released her debut EP, Plush, back in January.

But nevertheless, her legacy as Tomika is well and truly cemented in the minds of young people who grew up watching her overcome her nerves and absolutely kill it on stage.