Spider, The Sexpot From School Of Rock, Has A Very Grown Up Job Now & The Internet Quaketh

The internet is losing its collective mind over Lucas Babin, the actor who played Spider in School of Rock, and what he’s doing now. You may be asking – where does an edgy, sexy rockstar go after they’ve put down the guitar? Well, we have the answers now, and they’re surprising, to say the least.

Happy Friday friends! Let’s take a walk back to the past, circa 2003 to be exact, when School of Rock came out and changed our lives. Whether you love it or you hate it, almost everyone has seen it, and if you grew up in the early 2000s, chances are you remember a fair few of the iconic scenes.

Even though I’d love to spend my evening writing about Joan Cusack and how she always understands the assignment, instead we’ll be talking about Lucas Babin. Was he my gay awakening in the role of the shirtless himbo Spider? Yes, he was. Would I still go there now that I know what he does in 2021? Probably not.

Before we unpack, here is an iconic scene that fuses my two loves: hot guys and Joan Cusack. Fuck I love this movie.

lucas babin joan cusack school of rock
Me reacting to peoples Instagram pics and receiving a dumb response. The hottest thing on Earth.

So, what does Babin do now? Well, he’s the District Attorney of Tyler County, Texas. And yes, he’s a Republican. I’m crying tears for this great loss that childhood me has just suffered.

If you don’t believe it, check out this tweet. It has given me major whiplash.

We live in wild, wild times.

But alas, you have to recognise that man’s got range. That kind of versatility is hard to come by.

Naturally, the internet went cuckoo bananas over this revelation, and has memed the fact into oblivion.

Get out the popcorn, because I’m about to show you the best memes about Spider. May he live on in our hearts.

And the wildest revelations from Twitter were that not only is Lucas Babin an attorney now, but he was also in the ‘Stars Are Blind’ video for Paris Hilton.

Oh and he was also one of the key attorneys behind the huge Cuties lawsuit, which has shattered my brain into one thousand pieces.

Honestly, mad respect for Babin for shifting up his career so much. I currently cannot process this information, but I respect it nonetheless.