Oh Great, Schapelle Corby Has Finally Entered The Reality TV Phase Of Her Public Career

In case you didn’t have enough Schapelle Corby in your life, here’s some good news. The 43-year-old is now going to be on Channel 7’s SAS Australia, a milestone which marks her inevitable transition from ex-prisoner to C-list celebrity.

The show will see Corby and a bunch of others take on the kind of physical and mental endurance tests faced by members of the UK’s Special Air Service, which is totally something we’ve all been dying to see.

“We go into the SAS as a number, not a name, which is significant for me because I won’t be Schapelle Corby, I will just be a human being,” she told the Sunday Telegraph.

This is… a strange point to make and totally flips the conventional wisdom that we humans are in fact names, not numbers.

“I wanna stop being institutionalised. I want to open my freedom to a happier life, a more fulfilling life,” Corby added.

She’ll be competing alongside 13 others, including footy player/Bachie star Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins, former Labor pollie Emma Husar and, uh, Shane Warne‘s son Jackson.

Corby says she’s going on the show not to prove anything to anyone, but for herself. She also told the paper she’s not trying to win over the public, which, hmmm, is debatable at best.

But she did make one fair point, saying her nine years spent in Bali’s Kerobokan Prison for allegedly smuggling 4.2 kilos of weed in a bodyboard bag (something she denies) will give her the “strength of mind, determination and willpower” to succeed.

The news finally puts an end to the years of guessing as to whether Corby’s going to be on Dancing With The StarsThe Bachelorette or even I’m A Celebrity … Get me out of Here! (one would assume she’d have to be an actual celebrity for that one).

Although there’s technically still a chance she could be behind one of the costumes on Masked Singer.