We Regret To Inform You Schapelle Corby Is Posting Crook Foot Content On IG Again

What compels a person to post unseemly or unsettling content? A question modern philosophers will no doubt grapple with for decades to come. Is it a desire to make people squirm? A giddy thrill yielded from the horrified comment reactions that no other post can match? Some deep unresolved issues that still linger from back when you were the paste eating kid at school? Hard to say. Whatever the compulsion is, Schapelle Corby has it, and her weapon of choice is “fucked feet.” And it is our solemn duty to inform you that she’s bloody back at it again.

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Corby has a deeply weird history with foot content on Instagram. In June last year, Corby used her often-times baffling Instagram account to post a photo of herself, fingers interlocked with toes of her boyfriend, Ben Panagian.

Fucken god.

For one reason or another, Schapelle is back at it again.

Yesterday happens to have been the exact 15th anniversary of Corby’s 2004 arrest at Denpasar Airport.

For reasons I honest-to-god will never have the brain capacity to fathom, Corby marked that occasion by posting a fucked foot on her Instagram Story.

Jesus christ, Schapelle. Jesus christ almighty. What’s the context of that? What’s going on there? Why are you doing this?

15 years since getting pinched with a bodyboard bag full of the weed and the best you’ve got in celebration is a crook shot of half toes? Absolutely not. No thank you.

Who knows what depths of horror are in store for the 20th and every subsequent anniversary from here on out.

You truly shudder to think.