Welp, There It Is: Schapelle Corby Has Won The 10-Year Challenge

The 10 year challenge will work in your favour if one of two things is true. The first case is if, in that adjoining 10 years, you became substantially hotter. ‘Oh no, look at me posting this old embarrassing photo of myself,’ you say disingenuously, as you also now share a pic in which you look amazing my comparison. The second case is if you look more or less the same. Well done you, time has not been rough to you.

[jwplayer gvkTjsCy]

No one, though, has come out of this looking as good as Schapelle Corby, the woman that won Australia’s heart by being accused and then later convicted of smuggling just over 4 kilos of weed into Bali.

Ten years ago my biggest problem was that I was wearing cargo shorts and wire frame glasses, ten years ago Schapelle Corby’s biggest problem was that was in the midst of serving a 20-year sentence for drug smuggling. Yikes!