Schapelle Corby Is Leaving Bali On A Flight For Brisbane Later Today

Schapelle Corby has completed her drug smuggling sentence and been cleared for deportation, with Indonesian officials saying that the 39-year-old will be leaving Bali today on a Virgin flight bound for Brisbane
Corby, who has been staying at a villa in Kuta since her release on parole in 2014, had a meeting at the prosecutor’s office in Denpasar this week, where she was reportedly given the all-clear to leave the country. 
Given the media circus surrounding Corby’s trial, incarceration and subsequent parole, Indonesian authorities won’t be taking any chances, and her deportation will involve a large-scale police operation. 
Kuta police chief Wayan Sumara says that he will deploy “one company of troops” – the equivalent of around 100 officers – to escort Corby from her villa to the airport, via the parole office, where she will sign off on her sentence. 
The company will include traffic police as well as general officers, and Sumara says that no special treatment is being given to Corby, but that extra caution is being taken because “I don’t want someone to have a problem here.”
Corby will also be accompanied by her bodyguard John McLeod as she travels to Ngurah Rai International Airport, where she will get her passport back from immigration officials. 
She is booked into business class alongside McLeod and her sister Mercedes Corby, but special arrangements have reportedly been made in Brisbane so that she will not travel through the public arrivals hall on landing. 
It is unknown whether Corby will stay with her mother at Loganlea or her sister at the Gold Coast, but police were seen at her mother’s house yesterday, allegedly discussing transportation plans. 
Source: 9 News.
Photo: Jason Childs / Getty.