Schapelle Corby’s Latest Crime Is This Photo Of Her Holding Hands With A Foot

Our editorial commitment here at PEDESTRIAN.TV is to bring you news that not only informs, but entertains; vital topics and important issues, presented in an informative, conversational, and often humorous manner.

But sometimes we bring you yarns purely because we’ve had to suffer through looking at it, and we refuse to suffer it alone.

Herein, we present: Schapelle Corby. A famous criminal who is now enjoying freedom and all the fruits that that brings with it.

Ever since Corby left Bali in May of last year, she’s been getting squarely around the comforts of modern living. Chiefly: Instagram.

A cursory glance at Corby’s Insta feed shows a swathe of fairly standard candid snaps with a fistful of accompanying hashtags, the likes of which peppers just about every 40-year-old’s social media account.

But a photo posted an hour or so ago… good lord.

Corby was known to have visited Thailand in late May to visit her Balinese boyfriend Ben Panagian, the first time the pair saw each other since Corby was deported last year.

Now, not a single one of us is here to stand in opposition of, or in criticism of, that romance. They’ve got every right to run around and be crazy lovestruck kids as much as they wish. It’s their right as free humans, after all.

What we do feel strongly opposed to – nauseously so – is anyone hooking their fingers into someone’s toes.

No. No thank you.

Fucken christ, absolutely not.

Everything about this: Bad.

Not only the gripping of the foot – objectively the worst part of the human body – like a crow’s talon latching onto a branch, but the hoisting of it so close to the face?

It’s wrong. It’s bad. We had to deal with it, so now you do too.