Fitzy & Wippa Revealed Which Stars Are Going On SAS Australia Next Year And Pls Let This Be Fake

We’re well and truly stuck into SAS Australia 2021 (and loving it, mind you), but because the world of reality television moves so bloody fast, we’ve already copped some tea about next year’s season.

Today on Fitzy & Wippa, the blokes went rogue and revealed some of the contestants who are reportedly appearing on SAS Australia 2022.

“There’s been some names leaked for the new series, which are really really good,” Fitzy said. “I can confirm too, one of them is ex NRL bad boy Willie Mason.

“I’ve been told he’s currently training really really hard getting smashed before he actually does the show.”

He went on to claim that cricketer Michael Clarke has “put his hand up!”

Wippa then interjected, saying: “I don’t believe that, not buying that! He was meant to be doing Celebrity Apprentice as well.”

“Nope he’s locked in!” Fitzy insisted, before adding a third name to the SAS Australia mix: “There’s also talk that Sonny Bill Williams is in negotiations.”

And hold up, we’re not done yet!

“These are the big two though: [Ian Thorpe], ‘cos of his mental toughness. He knows how to push himself,” Fitzy said.

“And the other one is, and he’s already been knocked back on the Big Brother one, but apparently Pete Evans is locked in now.”

Okay, hold the fucking phone! Pete Evans was booted from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and SAS Australia 2021, are you telling me he was supposed to be in Big Brother VIP too? Or is Fitzy getting his trash TV shows mixed-up?

“Didn’t they have to dump him from the jungle at the last minute ‘cos of the backlash?” co-host Sarah said. “I guess maybe you’re right. Australia might actually say ‘Whip him ’round a bit!’”

Fitzy went on to claim that there’s a bit of “controversy” because Sam Burgess, who’s on the current season of SAS Australia, “is getting paid $150,000,” making him “the [highest paid] out of anyone,” which we previously reported on.

He went on to speculate that Pete Evans would want “$200,000 to $300,000.”

The weird thing about the Pete Evans rumour is that New Idea reported earlier this year that Pete Evans had been cast, much to everyone’s fury.

That same report also claimed that Sonny Bill Williams, Ian Thorpe, Michael Clarke, and his ex, Kyly Clarke would be involved this season, but none of them ended up on the cast.

So the fact that Fitzy is now spouting these names for next year’s season makes me think he might actually be on to something.

May god have mercy on us all…