‘MAFS’ Star Sarah Roza’s Been Overheard Saying Her Marriage To Telv’s Over

Hello all of you loser MAFS fans welcome to today’s instalment of the cult. I’m your glorious leader (OBEY ME) Mel, I’m also a loser so it’s okay that I just called readers of this website I work for losers. It’s ok if you call yourself one. I am aware this logic is flawed. But in a very real way I do not care bc I am being a petulant child and also I’m really tired, I went for a run this morning and it was a horrible time.

Anyway! Before I get fired, I’ll tell you about Sarah Roza and this juuuuuuicy juicy spice that’s dropped today. It comes from a source, who has spoken exclusively to Daily Mail. Bc of course they have.


Basically, this ~source~ overheard Sarah Roza chatting to fellow co-stars Charlene Perera and Ashley Irvin on what seemed to be a girl’s night. And she was not saying “I love Telv he is my one and only”.

“Sarah Roza said how much of a trainwreck their relationship is,’ reported the source.


The source also reckons Sarah told the gang ‘All we’re doing is keeping up appearances.”


This all comes after the recent expose, also via Daily Mail, where an email allegedly from Telv to a producer of MAFS was leaked that was dated 17th Feb and said some spicy stuff like “I wanted to try and get along strictly for publicity”.


Look, it’s not seeming positive for ol’ Sarah Roza and Telv, is it. I’ll scull a strong and disgusting craft beer if these two are still saying they’re together by end of April tbh.