Telv’s Mum Reckons Producers From ‘MAFS’ Coerced Him To Stay W/ Sarah Roza

Look it’s high time we quit the MAFS gossip and move ourselves firmly along into Bachelor In Paradise land, because a) these people are now has-beens who will be holding club nights and trivia meet-and-greets for the next year until someone mistakes them for the bar staff and b) therefore not worth our attention anymore, but sometimes exceptions must be made.

Like when a contestant’s mum comes out with some deep gossipy shit, for example.

Telv Williams and Sarah Roza – donezo. We knew this was coming. What we didn’t know was how (allegedly) donezo they’ve been for a long while.

“They (the producers) were coercing him into doing something which he basically didn’t want and that was to do the re-commitment ceremony,”  Telv’s mother told Daily Mail‘He didn’t even want to re-commit.’

This ties in REALLY nicely with that incendiary email leak that went ’round a few weeks back. Remember? Also that chat someone overheard Sarah Roza having with other MAFS gals? Yeah. It’s all maybe coming together, isn’t it.

According to Telv’s mum, the couple split in December – not Valentine’s Day as the couple are claiming.

“They asked him to stay because of the show,‘ she claimed. ‘He wanted to leave the show in November.”

She also said Telv’s a bit pissed about how it all went down, tbh.

‘I suppose his feeling… what’s the word, when you feel pushed into things? He’s not very happy about the way it all happened (but) he takes things in his stride and doesn’t like to dwell on them too much.’ 

God love you reality TV, and all your spicy bullshit.