Sam Worthington as the new 007

Sam Worthington only does epic. Sam Worthington is epic. First it was Avatar, then The Clash of the Titans, to be released in April, and now punters are not only tipping him to be the next 007, ahead of box office gold, Will Smith; but he’s also going to be the next Dracula as well. Was Robert Pattinson not available? Wait a second, was no-one available? I feel like I’m living in a world made up of only Megan Fox and Sam Worthington. Sure, it’s not an ugly world, but, God, saturate me enough, and I could get bored. On the positive side, at least Worthington might bring some of the sex appeal back to James Bond that we so sadly lost when we saw Daniel Craig in European Speedos.

You’ve got to love a man with determination as fierce as his roles. He’s definitely come a long way from his time living in a Mazda, and the man CAN act. I certainly do have a soft-spot for Sam Worthington. I think I first fell in love when I saw him in Love My Way; then he had me hooked (bogan and all) in Somersault. He will probably lose me in Dracula, but we might get back together if he’s the new Bond. Noone turns down a Bond. Picture that in a suit.

Title Image by Jason Kempin via Getty