Praise Satan, The Trailer For The ‘Sabrina’ Christmas Special Has Landed

Just in time for the solstice, The Chilling Tale Of Sabrina is back briefly to celebrate the holiday season in the creepiest way possible. A Midwinter’s Tale looks like it’s all about the traditions of the winter solstice in the Church Of Night.

[jwplayer RfLMYyUD]

A Christmas special that puts the Dark Lord first (praise Satan), it’ll be hitting out screens on December 14, and is filled to the cauldron’s brim with everything from séances, spooky dolls (no thanks), spirits, sacrifices, and a seriously screwed-up Santa Claus.

It’s still delightfully festive – there’s Sabrina giving Harvey a Christmas present, the Spellman family around the hearth as they light a yule log to ward off misfortunes and bad spirits, Miss Wardwell biting the head off a gingerbread voodoo doll, a local mall’s Santa Claus kidnapping someone. You know, normal yuletide stuff.

The special is the last we’ll see of Sabrina until season two drops in April 2019, which is extremely unfair that I have to wait that long before I get to see Greendale again.

Check out the trailer below, gather your fave witches brews, and mark your calendars for a delightfully devilish night in on Friday, December 14.