Ryan Reynolds Teased Everyone With The ‘Deadpool’ Mask

Look, it’s fair to say the excitement for the upcoming standalone Deadpool movie is pretty high. The leaked test footage from last year was enough to whet people’s appetites significantly, and the fact that the film has seemingly been prevented from an R-Rating – instead chasing an American PG – hasn’t been enough to deter the keenness of the masses. So any news on the subject, be it big or small, is bound to incite at least mild hyperventilating amongst at least some of you.

So with that said, filming on the project is set to commence in Vancouver at some point during March, and the production – and its cast and crew – are gearing up to hit record.
And today’s little titbit of awesome comes from the star of the damned thing in Ryan Reynolds. The man who’ll don the suit of Deadpool once again – having previously put in a more than admirable performance as Marvel‘s resident smart-arse in the, let’s face it, woeful X-Men Origins: Wolverine – gave us a wee little teaser in the form of a Tweeted photo featuring the man himself, as well the mask he’ll be donning for the film. Albeit from behind.

Painfully vague? Yes.

A desperate tease? Of course.
Putting our anticipation for the film into overdrive nonetheless? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY.
The standalone Deadpool film is scheduled for release on February 12th, 2016. And because reasons, let’s watch that incredible test footage reel again. And again. And again…

via Uproxx.