Ruby Rose Shares Emotional Throwback Photo For World Mental Health Day

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has shared an emotional throwback photo for World Mental Health Day, revealing that she was in hospital shortly before she began filming Orange Is The New Black.

The Aussie actress said that was diagnosed with major depressive disorder as a teen, and later discovered she had dissociative amnesia after an encounter with an old friend:

“I had a few years entirely erased from my memory and a chance run in with my best friend from primary school was the first I learned about it. She remembered me but I didn’t recognize her at all. She remembered our teachers, things we did and my monkey backpack.. things I didn’t remember even when she said them with such innocent conviction. I went home and asked my mum “Did I have a monkey backpack at school?” That is when it all started to unravel and my life changed … I started asking questions.”

She continued:

“I found out I went from a smiling laughing child to a quiet mute who sat alone and stared off to the distance during recess after one of many traumatic events that I didn’t remember. One that my mum had to tell me about but hadn’t for so many years because the doctors at the time said I was too young to process what had happened and that it was for the best.”

She went on to detail a history of medication, hospitalisations, suicide attempts and other “dark times” before she was finally diagnosed with complex PTSD. She wrote:

“What I have learned from the struggles of mental health is just how strong I am. It’s how amazing people are because they love me and support me and yet you can’t judge those who don’t understand and don’t know how to do that either. It’s that you cannot judge people at all because you can never know what they have been through. It’s that self love and self care is more important than anything else.”

You can see her post below.