Ruby Rose Comes Clean About *That* Spicy Insta Post Promising To Expose The Veronicas

Ruby Rose has finally come clean about what prompted her to take to Instagram last month to call out The Veronicas’ Jess and Lisa Origliasso.

In a spicy Insta story, Rose threatened to tell all about her relationship with Jess and her sister Lisa in an upcoming memoir writing: “The truth. It will piss a lot of people off… but maybe you should have been better?”

“Excited to be free. Excited to tell the truth. On the sisters? You’re first. How horrific you were.”

Ouchie mama.

But in an interview with Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa, a vulnerable Rose came clean about why she publicly called out the twins, and the fragile headspace she was in at the time.

While on the set of her latest film, Dirty Angels, in Greece, she began working on a memoir. As she researched the times and dates of the big moments of her life, she struggled to relive the trauma of her own experiences. When she came across a photo of herself at the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere in 2017, it became too much for her to handle.

“I had a bit of a trauma reaction and then posted online,” she explained. “I just was really kind of hurt and lashed out in that moment.”

“I’d forgotten that, just how… I mean, I look emaciated. I’m just dissociated, I look so broken, and I got filled with rage, because I was like, how did I let it get that bad?…So that’s why I wrote what I wrote.

“It just brought back a lot for me. And it’s definitely not a book I should be writing without my therapist, which I have been writing whilst talking to her, but I didn’t at that time.”

Although Rose came out pretty red hot to begin with, she told the fellas that it won’t be a tell-all memoir a la Prince Harry’s Spare. She hopes it’ll be a source of inspiration for those who have gone through dark times too.

“I want it to be more of an inspiring book, as opposed to, you know, it’s not a revenge book and it’s not a gossip book,” she said.

But thankfully for the gossip hounds within us all, it doesn’t sound like she’ll be stripping the book of ~ all ~ the juicy tea.

“There’s a lot I’ve stayed silent on because I was already at a place where I didn’t want to be adding flame to the fire,” she said.

With the upcoming memoir still in the works, we’ll just have to wait and see what Rose has in store for us.