Romcoms – they’re in peak demand right now especially with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han and Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan making a whole lot of us re-discover the ~ feels ~. Both of these major films have sparked a lot of sequel talk because both are just the first in their trilogy – a huge reminder these movies started off as humble books.

So, while we wait for the next book-turned-Netflix romcom to whisk us away into a dreamy land, here are just a few favourites that’ll guarantee a good sigh and punch in the heart.

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

If you’re looking for a feel-good book, this is it.

The Wedding Datenot to be confused with the romcom of the same name, takes us into the world of Drew Nichols. On the day before his ex’s wedding, Drew finds himself without a date to the festivities and stuck in a lift with stranger, Alexa Monroe. Oh yes, fake-date plot incoming.

Agreeing to be Drew’s fake date, the not-so-real couple find themselves in a whirlwind weekend romance. Things couldn’t be more perfect until they realise they live a flight away from each other…

Roxane Gay rated it 5/5 stars, that is all.

Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

You’ll cry.

Annie on My Mind  tells the tale of two 17-year-old girls in 1980s New York – friends who fall in love despite their families and society threatening their relationship. Published in 1982, Annie on My Mind was banned from a number of libraries and even burned but it has never once been out of print.

The novel is told from the perspective of Liza Winthrop as she meets Annie Kenyon one day at the Metropolitan Museum. 

In as little words as possible, you’ll feel like mush and sigh a lot. There’s just something about this one.

Emergency Contact by Mary H.K Choi

I’m yet to get my hands on this baby but it’s making the rounds.

Rainbow Rowell called it: ” …funny in an almost painful way, anxious and intense. Smart, compassionate, romantic. Directly up my alley.” 

Emergency Contact is the debut young adult novel by Choi and tells the story of college freshman Penny and college dropout Sam. When their paths cross, the two awkwardly exchange numbers and begin texting – modern dating. For some time they share those really deep and vulnerable conversations online and over the phone until they decide to meet IRL.

There’s been some high praise for this novel and the cover’s gorgeous so if you’ve read it and got thoughts, feel free to comment.

There’s something about Rainbow Rowell’s books that I have admired and loved for so long and it’s that her characters are so funny and sweet and tender with one another while being utterly imperfect and occasionally unkind to themselves. There were versions of my book that were spicier, voicey or showy in the way that I can be and speak IRL or online and it felt like such a smoke screen or disguise. It took MANY rewrites to get Penny and Sam to say what they mean deliberately while being careful and honorable as much as they could. I read Eleanor & Park and Fangirl a LOT. You can only imagine how gobsmacked I am that she not only took the time to read this book but to blurb it and be so generous and welcoming while I dance my ass off trying to be an actual author. I’m so fricking grateful I can’t stand it. What a world. ????❤️???????????????? (please pals wont you buy this book? It’s out 3/27)

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A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole


A Princess In Theory flings you into the life of Naledi Smith. She’s intelligent, stubborn, ambitious, and has no time for romance. Naledi likes keeping things real which is why she finds it increasingly annoying when email after email from an African prince keeps annoying her. That is until Prince Thabiso, heir to the throne of Thesolo, rocks up to her goddamn door claiming she is his long lost fiancé.

Only thing I felt weird about was the ending, it was a bit sudden but that might’ve just been me.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

The Kiss Quotient is about Stella Lane who believes mathematics is the answer to well – everything. Stella also has Asperger’s syndrome and isn’t quite sure about the whole dating and love thing – not to mention kissing.

So, what’s the most logical way to solve this problem? Find a teacher.

Enter Michael Phan, an escort who agrees to educate Stella in the ways of dating, kissing, and even positions. There’s not supposed to be any feelings involved… but you can guess what happens next.

The Hot Guy by Mel Campbell & Anthony Morris

Okay, this one’s a ridiculous romcom in every single way but it does have its charms.

The Hot Guy is by Aussie writers Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris and it’s very much a playful and lighthearted read. You have recently dumped Cate, a sport-hater who makes a lot of inappropriate jokes, and you have Adam – the literally nicknamed ‘Hot Guy’ who has a Facebook group devoted to him full of mostly women who adore and want to seduce the ‘Hot Guy’.

I can’t describe it in any other words.

Anywhoo, the two find themselves together and shit goes down because Adam, very sought-after Adam, has an army of followers and Cate is a no-drama sort of gal.

You’ll either hate it or love it… maybe even both.

The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

This here’s probably one of my favourite young adult novels from the ol’ high school days. It’s dreamy and heartfelt but it’s also gut-wrenching at times so hey, that’s a win-win for all the feels.

The Sky Is Everywhere  welcomes us into the world of 17-year-old Lennie Walker, a musically gifted high school student who returns to school after the sudden death of her older sister Bailey. Everyone suddenly looks at her as the girl with the dead sister except for Joe Fontaine, the new boy at school. Coping with grief, the last thing Lennie expects is to fall in love… or find herself balancing the new boy and Bailey’s heartbroken boyfriend.

If you love John Green then you’ll love Jandy Nelson.

You should never judge a book by its looks but this one’s really pretty.

Here’s A Bunch Of Dreamy Books That’ll Make You Feel A Lot Of Things 
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Special Mention

Anything by Jill Mansell if you’re looking for a cosy and ultimate romance read on a plane/bus/car etc., Mansell gives it to you. If you’re keen, there’s This Could Change Everything, Rumour Has Itand Take A Chance On Me – all stellar feel-good romance novels.

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