At Last, Rita Ora Has Confirmed She & Taika Waititi Are Hitched (!!!) & Spilled Wedding Deets

Rita Ora has confirmed that her and Taika Waititi are married

After yonks of speculation, British singer Rita Ora has finally confirmed she is married to Kiwi filmmaker Taika Waititi and we are obsessed all over again.

In an interview on UK radio, Rita dropped a few deets on the wedding, her marriage and her new single “You Only Love Me”.

After directly being asked if she was married (bold choice by the hosts by pop off I guess), Rita confirmed the rumour with an emphatic “yes”.

“I am officially off the market people. I chose to keep it more private and keep it to myself,” she said per Page Six.

Haters will say they’ve known for months but hats off to Rita and Taika who have been able to keep their respective lips sealed.

The timing of the announcement feels very pre-mediated, as Rita’s music video for her new single “You Only Love Me” is wedding-themed, would you believe?

“I wanted to do a wedding that didn’t really go to plan…” she told the station about the premise for the music vid.

“But that’s not to say that’s what actually happened,” she continued before noting that she and Taika’s ceremony was “perfect”.

“It was just exactly, exactly how I wanted it. It was just nice and perfect, completely how I wanted it…

Aw CUTE. We love, love.

Asked if she would consider holding a Hollywood-sized celebration bash, Rita responded “one day I will throw a big party. I will figure out the time to have a big, big party”.

Wonder if they’ll be accepting plus ones?

Rumours of the couple’s marriage date all the way back to August when the British tabloid The Sun reported the couple had held a private ceremony in London.

At the time, the anonymous tea-spilling source claimed, Rita Ora has already officially changed her name to Rita Waititi-Ora.

According to our most recent intel, this is not the case with Rita telling Heart Radio she had worked “very hard for” her maiden name and doesn’t plan on altering it.

Anyway, a belated congratulations to the happy couple!