UK singer Rita Ora and NZ director and actor Taika Waititi have reportedly tied the knot. Does this mean we’re about to get some fresh new bops from Rita Waititi? Will the next Thor film be directed by Taika Ora? My mind is spinning with possibilities.

A source close to the couple told The Sun that the pair officially tied the knot in an intimate, “low-key” London ceremony featuring many an A-list celebrity on the guest list.

According to the anonymous tea-spiller, Rita Ora has already officially changed her name to Rita Waititi-Ora and is galivanting about Paris with a massive ring. Incroyable!

Two months ago such a mysterious and star-studded wedding was only rumoured to be taking place. The same source claimed that the pair were holding off marriage until commitments were complete.

For Rita, that was filming for The Voice Australia (which wrapped up in May) and for Taika, it was a whole smorgasbord of movies he had to film and do press for. Now that these side missions are done, I guess the two just did what any fresh couple does on their days off: get married in London, innit?

“It was a really intimate ceremony and super special for everyone there. Their nearest and dearest can see how madly in love they are,” the anonymous source spilled to The Sun.

“Despite living in the spotlight, Rita is determined to keep the relationship as private as possible and didn’t want to make a big song and dance about the wedding.

“Rita’s already back in the studio working on her third album.”

Amazing stuff! I can’t wait to not hear it!

According to the same source — who really isn’t doing their friends any favours by spilling all this tea — Taika Waititi has referred to Rita as “wifey” for some time now.

He even had “chats about how he’s going to be her first and last husband.” Sure thing, buddy.

The couple got engaged back in October 2021, only two months after they went public with their relationship.

Taika was previously married to film producer Chelsea Winstanley. The pair quietly separated in 2018 without much fanfare or announcement.

Just before the split, Winstanley gave an interview with the New Zealand Herald about how she wants to be seen as more than Taika’s wife.

“I’m just sick of women portrayed as living in the shadow of their partners, that’s all. I made one film with him, I was a filmmaker before I met him and I continue to do my own stuff,” she said.

“His films hang on his irreverence. Mine are not like that. I couldn’t make a film like him. That’s not where I’m coming from, and I’m trying to take ownership of that.”

Together the pair share two daughters, Matewa Kiritapu (6) and Te Hinekāhu (10).

Image: Instagram / @ritaora