Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Pretended To Get Married In A Music Vid And Everyone Fully Believed It

rihanna a$ap rocky wedding music video

Good morning members of the RiRi Navy, A$AP Rockettes and others. The internet has gone into a mad spin today thanks to a new music video from A$AP Rocky which seems to suggest that he and Rihanna tied the knot.

Rocky’s new vid for his song “D.M.B.” dropped on Friday morning and everyone and their nonna were clamouring to see him and Rihanna in action. It’s been five years since we’ve seen Rihanna in a video, people, this is a big deal!

“Proud to announce my directorial debut, “D.M.B.” video out now!” wrote Rocky on his Instagram.

“Thanks to all involved who helped and special thanks to my lady for the motivation and role.”

Considering this is Rocky’s directorial debut, I am very much impressed. The vid goes off.

During one scene, Rocky rocks a grill that reads “Marry Me?” and Rihanna wears one that says “I Do”. Naturally, this put everyone into a frenzy, thinking that the two secretly got married without telling their first child, the internet.

Here’s a closer look at RiRi’s “I Do” grill. It’s fkn sick.

Now let’s take a quick look at the wild internet reaction, shall we?

A lot of people really want the two to be married, it seems.


Sorry to burst your bubble friends but it looks like the pair didn’t actually get married in the video for “D.M.B.” at all.

According to TMZ, the two were just in a silly, goofy mood and wanted to pretend to have a full-on wedding in a music video. Just normal music industry things, you know how it is.

“Sources close to the couple tell TMZ the two aren’t engaged,” wrote TMZ.

“We’re told the entire thing was just done in good fun.”

Well, can someone tell these two to stop playing with our hearts like this?

Next thing you know Rihanna will release a statement about how her baby bump is just an art project she’s using as promo for the birth of her next album era.

At least now we can eagerly await the day these two actually get married. I fully expect these grills to make a return. They’re amazing.