Someone Had The Audacity To Yell ‘You’re Late’ To Rihanna & It Did Not Go Well For Them

Rihanna at the Dior red carpet, with a tweet about the heckler who yelled 'you're late' at her.

Someone had the audacity to try and reprimand Rihanna for being “late” to a red carpet appearance and naturally, it did not go well for them.

You can always count on Rihanna for iconic behaviour but her latest foray into the public eye is truly one for the books.

Heavily pregnant and donned in sexy lingerie, Rihanna was making her way down the red carpet at Dior’s fashion show when someone in the crowd yelled out “you’re late” not once, but twice.

Imagine having the audacity to not only reprimand a celebrity for being late to a red carpet shoot, but for that celebrity to be Rihanna.

The queen already doesn’t give a fuck about punctuality (as she should), but also… she’s pregnant! If there were ever a time in her life where she shouldn’t be heckled for how long it takes her to get somewhere, it’s now.

But of course, trust Rihanna to respond in the most exquisite way possible: by looking directly at the heckler and saying “no shit” in the iciest tone I’ve ever heard in my fkn life.

Forget jokes about third degree burns, the frost here bites hard.

Twitter is losing its mind over the interaction, with one person commenting that if Rihanna looked at them that way, they’d need therapy. Honestly, same.

If there’s one person’s shit list I don’t want to be on, it’s Rihanna’s.

The incident has obviously led to many a meme. Enjoy:

Moral of the story: Do not fuck with Rihanna.