Ricky Nixon Initiates Comedy Career With A F#%kwit Move

Local comedians have taken none too kindly to news that disgraced teen-dating AFL agent Ricky Nixon is set to try his hand at stand-up during the upcoming Melbourne Comedy Festival. Protective of their craft, many have hit Twitter to air their 140 character grievances.  In a bullish show of bravado Nixon invited all comers to take their best shot to which point someone should have reminded him that these people take the piss for a living. His ongoing dialogue with Hannah Gadsby has been an obvious highlight.


With Twitter used as a sounding board for upcoming and established comedians alike, we’ve already been granted an insight into Nixon’s comedic stylings. If lame dad-jokes and (not quite) mordant Nixonisms are your bag, than this should be a hot ticket!

Picture by Scott Barbour/Getty Images