Rian Johnson & Mark Hamill Tweet Support For ‘Star Wars’ Actor Kelly Marie Tran

On Monday, it was widely reportedly Kelly Marie Tran had completely wiped her Instagram clean of any posts. The Last Jedi actor hasn’t confirmed the reason why but let’s put it down to the hordes of disgusting harassment she’s been receiving from toxic individuals of the Star Wars fan base.

For months, Tran has been the victim of hateful comments about her appearance, gender, and race across her personal pages on social media. Not to mention the targeted abuse on her varied posts.

Rose Tico, played by Tran, was introduced in the latest instalment as a maintenance worker for the Resistance. Tran only made an Instagram in the lead-up to the film’s release and kicked off her social media presence by posting adorable videos of herself geeking out to being in a Star Wars flick. Even after the hateful comments started, Tran still posted daily positive quotes to inspire and lift up others.

In short, a lot of fans of varying degrees, didn’t like Tran’s character or plot line in The Last Jedi which is fine – but to deliver hateful comments day after day to a fellow human being for a fictional character they played is ridiculous.


Following Tran’s exit from Instagram, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson responded to the news by calling out all the “manbabies” via his Twitter. Last year, Johnson had to disable the comments on his Instagram after ‘fans’ started to leave the most stupid words on a post of a child playing with Star Wars figurines.

Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill agreed:

Following his tweet, Hamil later pinned this photograph to the top of his feed:

Despite Johnson’s words, certain members of the fanbase still didn’t understand their wrongdoings and so Johnson made it even more clear:

But Twitter-user Dan continued:

Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey, also quit social media following waves of harassment from the Star Wars fanbase. She later told an interviewer she received therapy in order to cope with the atrocious behaviour of certain ‘fans’.

The good of the Star Wars fanbase have since shown their adoration for Tran via the hashtag FanArtForRose.