US Reporter Accidentally Broadcasts Showering Husband’s Shlong In Live-Cross From Home

Think you’ve had a rough day? Spare a thought for this US reporter who broadcast her naked husband during a live-cross from her bathroom.

Melinda Meza was filming a segment on Sacramento’s NBC/KCRA 3 news channel about DIY haircuts, when viewers noticed a certain peen in the corner. Yes, while Meza was giving herself isolation bangs, a sneaky, unblurred peen was most certainly present to her right.

That now-notorious peen belonged to Meza’s poor husband, who I’m sure was trying to enjoy a shower in peace, without the prying eyes of a nation. It seems as though Meza was trying to be slick by diverting he camera away from the shower, but didn’t realise her partner was blatantly visible in the mirror.

Please enjoy the following screenshot, which I’m confident is the most 2020 image you will ever lay your eyes on (DIY isolation bangs, working from home, fucking up on Zoom, nudity).


Meza, her naked husband nor her naked husband’s shlong have commented on the blunder. Fair enough –  I mean, there’s not much one can say apart from, ‘yeah, my husband’s dick was broadcast on live national television’, which we’re already aware of.

I won’t embed the actual footage because, well, it shows a dick, but if your eager eyes demand it (which I know they do), there’s footage of the mishap on YouTube. The particular piece of footage has amassed over 700k views in a matter of days, subsequently confirming that humans just can’t get enough of accidental shlong.

Hard luck, ‘ey?

Back to you Karen.