Sarah Silverman Is Crowd-Funding To Close The Wage Gap, Buy Her New Peen

According to calculations from The Equal Payback Project, the wage gap in America amounts to a not entirely paltry $29,811,746,430,000 owed to women. To combat that frankly incomprehensible level of income disparity, noted vagina owner Sarah Silverman has pledged to crowd-fund that exact amount and reimburse all those other humans whose income is disproportionately affected by virtue of their sex organs (“a $500,000 vagina tax!”). 

Failing that, all funds raised in the process will go to the non-profit National Women’s Law Centre, who advocate for women’s rights in the workplace and in the Senate.  
Failing that, Silverman’s trading in her vagina for a sensitive, European style peen, because, “In the grand scheme of things, it’s way less expensive than the money I’ll lose having a pussy.”
Of all the parts in this equation, it’s the latter that’s perhaps the least farfetched. You can and should check out the Equal Payback Project’s excellent website here.