Reddit Sleuths Spot Insanely Small But Vital Detail In ‘GoT’ Ep 4 Trailer

It’s a Monday night after ‘Game of Thrones’ which means it’s often a good time to hang around Reddit and wait for some super nerds to spot an excruciatingly small detail that may or may not lead to epic theory crafting and insights.

And YEP they’ve bloody done it again, with one Redditor analysing the shit out of the 30 second trailer for next week’s episode and spotting something so dang small yet potentially awesome as hell.

Going by the username Vanceco, the super-sighted ‘GoT‘ fan would very much like to draw your attention to one of the last shots of the trailer, featuring everyone’s fav fire-breather Drogon the dragon, chucking some sick barrel rolls with what looks to be a small blonde speck atop of him.

Yep, that tiny splash of blonde pretty much confirms that Dany is getting back on top of Drogon for some mid-air badassery, something we haven’t seen since early last season.

Spot the teeny tiny bit of clue-age in the final seconds of the trailer below and as always, GET MOTHERFUCKIN HYPED: