Rebel Wilson Has Labelled The SMH ‘Grubby’ In Her First Interview Since *That* Article In June

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Rebel Wilson has given her first interview this week about a Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) article that outed her same-sex relationship in June.

In an article published by The Australian on Thursday, Wilson said she and girlfriend Ramona Agruma were yet to tell some family members they were a couple when the SMH approached her for comment ahead of the article they were about to publish about their relationship.

“I just thought it was kind of grubby behaviour,” Wilson said.

“Basically with the situation where a journalist is threatening to out you, you’ve got to hurry, and some people we didn’t get a chance to tell before it came out publicly. And that’s not ideal.”

Wilson took matters into her own hands and hard-launched her relationship with Agruma on Instagram two days later.

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The journalist who wrote the column Andrew Hornery posited at the time that Rebel “wronged” the SMH by not allowing it to break the news that she was dating a woman. SMH editor Bevan Shields doubled down on the stance by posting her own shocking take in the wake of the outing.

But pretty much the entire internet jumped to Rebel Wilson’s defence and both Hornery and Shields eventually apologised and the article was retracted.

Rebel’s only other comments on the situation so far came days after the first article was published when she replied to a tweet by 10 News journalist Kate Doak.

Doak wrote: “So apparently it wasn’t Rebel Wilson’s choice to come out… The SMH [has] admitted to giving her a heads-up 2 days in advance that they were going to ‘out’ her. What’s worse, openly gay men at the Sydney Morning Herald were involved in this.”

Rebel replied and thanked her for her support during the “very hard situation”.

“Thanks for your comments, it was a very hard situation but trying to handle it with grace,” the tweet read.

It’s 2022. We all know by now that outing people is wrong. Everyone should be able to come out on their own terms, no matter how famous they are.

Rebel owning her queerness and coming out via her own socials is awesome. But it’s sad to think she may have felt pressured to come out before she was ready.

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