This morning Aussie actress Rebel Wilson hard launched her girlfriend Ramona Agruma, coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. A bloody pride month miracle, I’ll tell you what. However, it turns out the two have been going to events together for quite some time and we’ve all just assumed they were gal pals … foolish us.

Before we get into all the iconic shots of the couple that have slipped under the radar, let’s all enjoy Rebel’s coming out post one more time.

Welcome to the team, queen!

If you scroll through Rebel Wilson’s Instagram you’d realise pretty quickly that a certain woman appears quite consistently.

This would be her girlfriend, who everyone just assumed was a good pal. A lovely friend. A sister. A distant cousin. A very close personal assistant.

Here are the two horseriding together. Notice her girlfriend’s rainbow coloured shirt that says “together”? We really were all fkn blind.

The pair also walked the Oscars red carpet together this year.

The fact that not a single person even speculated the two were together is truly commendable. The event happened in fkn MARCH!!!

Rebel Wilson
2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party (Credit: Getty Images / Arturo Holmes)

Just two gals being pals.

And here’s the pair on a cute little ski trip to celebrate Operation Smile’s 10th Annual Park City Ski Challenge.

You know what they say, keep a deers-length of distance between you and your girls and it’s no homo.

Rebel Wilson & Her Gf Have Been Posting Pics Together Since Jan But No One Noticed Bc Gal Pals
Operation Smile’s 10th Annual Park City Ski Challenge (Credit: Getty Images / Alex Goodlett)

The pair were at Deer Valley Resort, to explain the unusual deer in their cute pic.

But look at them roasting s’mores together!! Gay rights!!!!

The fact we all witnessed this get posted and didn’t blink an eye is criminal.

And here’s the couple in March celebrating Rebel’s birthday with Hugh Sheridan:

According to Sheridan, he’s the very reason they got together.

“I said to Rebel, well … I’ve got a girl for you … they spoke for a week or so, and Rebel came back from Australia to meet her, and they’ve been together ever since!” he told 2Day FM’s The Morning Crew.

“We’ve been to Mexico and Disneyland together, I’m kind of their beard!”

We love queer people helping queer people. Glorious stuff.

And to dampen the mood, here they are with J*mes C*rden in JANUARY:

Sending my gaydar in for repairs because I’m fkn shook.

I can’t believe my gay little heart missed this.

Fkn DISNEYLAND. I’ve never seen a picture more beautifully queer in my life.

And just for kicks, here’s Rebel dancing in front of a massive pride flag to celebrate her movie Senior Year coming out.

Congratulations, queen. We bloody love to see it.