Rebel Scum Rove & Sam Are Live-Streaming A ‘Star Wars’ Marathon Tonight

Taking a leaf from the book of Shia LaBeouf2DayFM duo Rove McManus and Sam Frost have made the equal-parts brave and foolish decision to put themselves through a gruelling movie marathon, and live-stream themselves while doing it.
The pair won’t be sitting through Shia’s cinematic output. Instead, to prepare for the much-hyped release of The Force Awakens, they’ll be watching the Star Wars movies. All of them. Including the prequels. 
That’s six films in total, coming in, by their count, at 13 hours and 16 minutes.

Unless a mysterious, robe-wearing man convinces them to rethink their lives, the marathon will kick off at 4pm, running until 6am.  You can live stream the whole thing here, should you wish to get in on that.

Will Ferrell was a guest on Rove & Sam’s show after the announcement, and his advice – to fast-forward through any part of the films containing Jar Jar – is not entirely original, but still fairly solid.

We’ll monitor them over the course of the evening to see how they pull up. May the caffeinated beverages be with them.

Photo: Graham Denholm via Getty Images