Sam Frost Rides Again! Is Rove’s Snorty New Co-Host On 2DayFM Brekkie Show

Perfect angel and national treasure Sam Frost (yeah look, we lurrrrrrve her and there’s nuttin’ you can do, soz not soz) has got a new job. We had high hopes for what the ex-Bachelorette would do after her reality TV stints, and the woman did not let us down (not that she ever could disappoint us, tbh).

It’s just been announced, after much media speculation, that Frost will join Rove McManus as co-hosts of 2DayFM‘s weekday breakfast show. The pair are replacing Dan & Maz, who were taken off air last Friday. 
The two ever-lovable Aussie gems seem smitten with one another (professionally of course, chill Sasha):
“I’m so excited to be joining Rove on 2DayFM. He already makes me laugh so much, and is probably the only man, other than Sash, that I’m willing to get out of bed at 4am for,” said Frost, without going into any detail whatsoever about what her and Sash get up to at 4am together. 
McManus seems just as stoked: “The first time I met Sam, she laughed one of her trademark snorts and I knew everything was going to be ok. She also managed to put up with my hounding about who won The Bachelorette, and still didn’t tell me despite how much we were hanging out. I’m very pleased that she has accepted my radio rose.”
 Rove & Sam will be on-air cracking jokes and snort-laughing from Monday the 9th of November, 6-9am weekdays. 
Title image & story via Mumbrella