Real Life Romeo Ed Sheeran Is Building A Legit Chapel For His Wedding

Ed Sheeran‘s a pretty lowkey guy. He likes to wear horrendous outfits to award shows and still looks like he busks under a bridge every night for rent money.

But don’t let that make you think that old mate Eddy isn’t a certified baller, as he’s demonstrating with a fairly outlandish addition to his property in Suffolk, England.

Ed must not be keen on a well-publicized wedding because according to the Belfast Telegraph the star is keen to build his very own chapel on his estate.

He’s already submitted a planning application to Suffolk Coastal District Council for the upgrade, which would be constructed in a Saxon style and have room for 24 guests with overspill space in the gallery.

The application states that “it is every person’s right to be able to have a place of retreat for contemplation and prayer, for religious observance, celebration of key life and family milestones, marriages, christenings and so forth”.

Lol Jesus Ed, just say that you want a chapel.