The Heinous ‘Ready Player One’ Posters Are Here To Chokeslam Your Nostalgia

Writing this article, I find myself quite glad I wasn’t alive to be a fan of films like Blade Runner, Back To The Future, or Labyrinth at the time of their cinematic releases. I say that because if I saw the new posters for Ready Player One haphazardly riff on my beloved childhood cornerstones, I’d probably feel like shit.

For everyone else who was alive to cop those films, sorry, but you have to look at them. You must.

After folks in Los Angeles began discovered the cheesy rip-offs around town, Warner Brothers went ahead and provided the A.V. Club with hi-res versions so we can fully experience the horrors wrought by Steven Spielberg’s upcoming flick.

The posters see Ready Player One‘s character’s thrust into the worlds of other films, much in keeping with Ready Player One‘s plot, which sees a ragtag bunch of gamers inject themselves into a virtual reality inspired by their favourite franchises.

Cop some of them below, and pray that someone, somewhere, comes up with an original idea in the near future, so we don’t have to subject ourselves to any more DeviantArt inspired mash-ups.

Cop even more of them right HERE.