Accio Chill, ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ Is Coming To Phones This Yr

In the defence of the Harry Potter kingdom, anything they ever create is going to divide Twitter because Harry Potter is sacred stuff and you can’t please literal millions. Sooooo, the first trailer for the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery dropped today and though it looks wicked cool and genuinely tickles all the nostalgia, people are still raggin’ on it ‘cos opinions and all that.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is below via their game’s official Twitter account. And fair warning, it is actually very exciting because you get sorted into your own house, get taught by your fave teachers including Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape (always crying), and Professor Dumbledore (forever crying) and you get to explore the bloody castle, like COME ON, what more do you want? And, it’s all on the comfort of your phone or tablet so you don’t needa go out and buy a Switch first. Even though you should ‘cos Switch’s are sick.

Anywayyy here it is:

The game’s available for pre-registration – I repeat, pre-registration, not even pre-order – and some fans are already more excited than Ron at any great feast.

Exhibit A:

Some bloody lucky muggles got their hands on a Beta version of the game as well and are frothin’ it.

And then there are others who are doing a nit-pick:

And the lucky Beta-game players who already hate it:

Obliviate yourself, mate. Nah jokes, the Beta version of the game is supposed to help the game-makers figure out what is and not not working for the good of the people so hopefully everything’s up to scratch come the official release.

Although, this is a little worrying:

Fingers crossed it’s genuinely amazing and we can all relive our childhoods on the train to work.

Pre-registration is up on Google Play, no word on an Apple version as of yet. But keep an eye on the website ‘cos there’s definitely an Apple version coming out.

Also not to alarm you or anything but if you pre-register then a freakin’ Hogwarts letter pops up and thanks you. The fucking feels.

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