Friends, start saving the dollars because Queer Eye is getting  o f f i c i a l  merchandise – made specifically to match up with every member of the Fab 5 – the beautiful Jonathan, Bobby, Karamo, Tan, and Antoni – and their specialised areas on the show.

Dreams do come true.

Per VarietyIMG copped the ~ exclusive ~ global merchandise and licensing rights for the insanely popular Netflix series. And once again, IMG and Queer Eye will be working together to bring us “products, experiences, and collaborations” in line with the areas the Fab 5 specialise in – beauty and grooming, home design, culture, fashion and accessories, and food and wine.

Products, experiences, and collaborations – THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. Although, products and collaborations are a given but experiences? Will Karamo be giving out life-affirming hugs?

I’m already picturing official Queer Eye avocado slicers, books on home decor and another titled How To French Tuck, and lots and lots of the Fab Five’s faces and classic slogans pasted on t-shirts, enamel badges, and just about everything else.

If Queer Eye unleashes a self-care kit full of life-changing products by Jonathan, I will be very, very happy.

Queer Eye show co-creator David Collins told Variety: “IMG has a vision in line with ours, not just to make products but to build this brand in a powerful way. We could not be more excited to begin this journey with them.”

It’s still early days so no release date on the merch. The logical thought would be for its release to coincide with season three but the child inside me is hoping for Christmas or tomorrow, tomorrow would be great.

In the mean time, you can find some unofficial but still adorable Queer Eye merchandise on such sites like Red Bubble and Etsy

Also, it was International Cat Day yesterday so Jonathan uploaded this extremely adorable collection of photos of his little babies and it’s very wholesome content:

If you’re keen on some fresh JVN content, the angel’s podcast, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Nesshas a new episode out. This very educational goodness is a weekly podcast always featuring a different guests and covers just about everything from Olympic Ice Skating to the political climate in the United States.

As for Queer Eye, season three is a fabulous go with the boys taking their talents to Kansas City, Missouri. 

Sadly, we’ll have to wait until sometime in 2019 for the wholesome goodness.

Season one and two, however, is available for your binging pleasure on Netflix.

Source: Variety
Image: Getty Images / NBC