Here’s Just 6 Reasons Why Promising Young Woman Should And Probably Will Sweep The Oscars

promising young woman

Promising Young Woman. God, what a film. If you haven’t seen it by now, you’re honestly missing out on one of the most vital pieces of cinema of the last decade. And no, I’m not exaggerating. If anything, we’re understating. PYW is perfect, and here’s why we think it should sweep the Oscars (and probably will).

First, may we remind you what awards PYW could potentially win on April 26. The film has been nominated for Best Picture (huge), Best Lead Actress for Carey Mulligan (deserved), Best Director AND Best Original Screenplay for the multi-talented Emerald Fennell (love) and Best Film Editing for Frédéric Thoraval (not surprising TBH).

Let’s break all of these awards down and chuck in a bunch of other extraordinary reasons as to why PYW deserves to sweep the Oscars. Warning, there will be heavy spoilers for the end. Just go watch it already!

1. It’s got all the right nominations

First off, let’s talk about the nominations in general. Best Picture winners almost always have nominations for editing, original screenplay and director as well. Most of the time it helps a film’s chances if there’s an actor or two nominated for best actor/actress as well, but that isn’t always necessary (see Parasite).

With its nominations across multiple categories, there’s a good chance that PYW will scoop up Best Picture, and if not, most of the other awards it’s nominated for.

So when it comes to Oscar superstition, PYW has everything locked in.

2. The message of the film is extremely important right now

With protests all across the country speaking out against sexual assault, and multiple sexual assault allegations from within our own Parliament, this movie has never been more poignant.

In fact, after Christian Porter’s press conference to denying the allegations made against him, many people on Twitter drew comparisons between his sulking demeanour and the characters in Promising Young Woman who behave similarly defensively throughout the film. (Porter has denied all allegations made against him).

For fuck’s sake, even our own PM didn’t bother showing up this week for the nation’s women, but sure did make time for the footy. Not to mention the fact that he believes Porter is “innocent”, which is a whole other can of worms.

We spoke at length about the ending of this film, which you can check out right here, but it’s the last moments of this movie that make it really shine. Let’s talk about them again, because I’m still not over it.

3. The ending, or, the subversion of expectation through film

Things go from a fantasy revenge flick to shocking realism in moments. One minute, she’s hiring hitmen and smashing car windows, and the next, she’s face-to-face with her best friend’s rapist, losing her life.

In the fantasy of a movie, something like this isn’t meant to happen. The main character is supposed to win. Revenge is supposed to be served. Carey Mulligan (who plays Cassie) was supposed to walk away from her oppressors as a big explosion occurred in the background.

However, in real life, women lose their lives at the hands of men, or are abused by men, all the time, and then the system allows them to get away with it. Nobody wants to watch any of this to happen to a fictional character on the screen, but unfortunately in the world we live in, that is most likely what would happen.

And that’s the magic of the film. It dramatically strips away all the pretty paint of the perfect revenge film, and stabs you with gross realism. The final moments, when Cassie is being murdered, feature a lengthy scene that forces you to do nothing but watch. It’s heavy, but it’s also a necessary slap to the face, especially for all men watching who think they’re the ‘good guy’.

4. The god-tier soundtrack

Please, just do yourself a favour and listen to this track. I get chills every time.

5. The gorgeous cinematography

I mean? Look at the material. What a shot. Promising Young Woman is GORGEOUS.

Oscar-nominated editor (so exciting to write) Frédéric Thoraval explained some of his editing choices to Gold Derby.

“We go from thriller to horror to rom-com, and I think that’s what we had to do to play with [suspected tropes],” Thoraval told Gold Derby.

“Carey Mulligan, for me, did a spectacular job. It was such a pleasure in the cutting room to be able to focus with her only on the details, and the things she was doing from one take to another.”

6. Carey fkn Mulligan

Give her all the awards already. She did THAT.

Here’s hoping Promising Young Woman absolutely sweeps the Oscars.

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