For The Love Of All Things Holy, Can Someone Bring Back ‘The Price Is Right’

Aussie evening TV just isn’t what it used to be, eh? For example – where is A*Mazing. It’s gone! That’s where it is. Instead we have like 5,700 different forms of news on our screens each evening. I don’t even think The Simpsons is on at 6pm anymore. But by far, the show I miss the most is The Price Is Right.

[jwplayer VOFlJQN7]

Ahhhhhhh, head down nostalgia lane with me. The Price Is Right was pure and true – it featured a young Larry Emdur and a steady stream of over-stimulated contestants who careened down the audience stairs each episode to the dulcet tones of that mildly creepy voiceover guy screaming “COME ON DOOOOOWN!”

Also what the fuck is that model doing on that toy horse. Outstanding stuff.

The show ran from 1981 – 1985 on the 7 Network, then for one year on Network Ten before heading to the Nine Network for 93-98 and 03-05, the years we all watched it religiously. It was revived for a year by the 7 Network in 2012 before dying forever. Unless someone picks it up again (plsplspls).

The reason The Price Is Right was such a brilliant game show is because you yourself could probably win some sweet cash if you went on it. Even if you were 10 years old, like I was in my formative The Price Is Right viewing years. This is because the show was 80% luck and 20% talent at knowing how much shit costs.

And when I was 10, I was totally aware that treadmills are cheap as shit.

Seriously how many times did dumb idiots put the kitchen pack at like #3 during the Showcase round. THE KITCHEN PACK IS ALWAYS 5 AND ABOVE, KITCHEN SHIT IS VERY EXPENSIVE.

Like honestly, this game just involved being decent at putt putt.

Whose mum didn’t scream at the TV when people fucked Cover Up?

LUCKY FOR THIS GUY in this ancient episode, he figures it out. What about Take Two, where contestants had to pick two items that added up to a larger sum? Who can honestly work that out, that is sheer luck mate.

The thing is, if you’re gonna bring it back big-network-tv-company, you HAVE to do it with all this nostalgia. Please do NOT update the tech, at all. I don’t want fancy computerised stuff I want that weird digital clock style signage, OK?

Now let’s end with the most wholesome clip I could find – “Mad Mary”, the sweetest and most excited contestant in game show history, I reckon.

Goddamn, I miss this shit.