Practical Magic 2 With Nicole Kidman & Sandra Bullock Is Coming So Grab The Midnight Margaritas

Practical Magic 2 with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock as Gillian and Sally Owens

Calling all my witchy friends: Practical Magic 2 is happening!!! Warner Bros just announced a sequel to the 1998 cult film on TikTok, using clips of Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.

I’m taking this as a promise that both Kidman and Bullock WILL be reprising their roles as Gillian and Sally Owens. If they’re being replaced, we riot at dawn. 

Deadline has reported the two Hollywood actors are currently “in negotiations” to star, as well as produce the film alongside original producer Denise Di Novi

Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock as Gillian and Sally Owens

Can’t wait to have these witches back in the house where they belong. (Image: Warner Bros)

One of the writers of the 1998 film, Akiva Goldsman, is tapped to write the new screenplay, though the plot details are being kept hush-hush for now. 

Fans react to the Practical Magic 2 announcement on X

Warner Bros obviously knew that people would go feral for the announcement, so dragged it out by prefacing their announcement with a tweet, saying: “Something magical is brewing…” 

And look, it absolutely worked. My X (formerly Twitter) feed is flooded with Practical Magic memes and reactions, which I’m not mad about. 

What will Practical Magic 2 be about?

The first Practical Magic film was based on Alice Hoffman’s novel from 1995, and it followed the two Owens sisters. The witches live a cursed life, as any man who dares to fall in love with an Owens woman meets an untimely death. 

Hoffman wrote three additional books about the witchy family, so there are possibly some plot clues when we look into her material. 

The Rules of Magic is a prequel to Practical Magic, and it follows the story of Gillian and Sally’s aunts, Bridget ‘Jet’ Owens (Dianne Wiest) and Frances Owens (Stockard Channing) as they deal with the curse.

Magic Lessons, another prequel, reveals the origins of the curse through Maria Owens’ story in 1600. 

The Book of Magic, a sequel to Practical Magic was released in 2021. It follows three generations, with a focus on Sally’s daughters and their determination to end the curse for good. One user on X said the ending of TBOM is “really satisfying” and that “lots of secrets are revealed”. 

The movie sequel is gonna be so good, I can just feel it in my bones. We will be sat!!!   

Feature image: Warner Bros