Sandra Bullock Said Angel Bb Channing Tatum Would Buy Her Tequila If They Had A Shit Day On Set

There’s been a bit of a rom-com drought of late, if ya ask me, and we’ve been stinging for something lighthearted and fun to watch in the cinemas. STINGING, I tell ya. Enter… The Lost City.

Starring rom-com queen Sandra Bullock and hot as hell lads Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe, the movie not only fills the rom-com-sized hole in our hearts, but it actually takes the piss out of classic cinema cliches. Trust me, it’s a hoot and a half!

Speaking of hoot and a half, I recently interviewed the cast of the flick and Sandra told me that while the booze that her character Loretta drinks was not real, she did partake in some tequila sipping here and there.

“[The booze] was not real, but Channing, sweetly, when he knew I was having really rough days, if we were anywhere near a bar, he would end the day by handing me a mama’s helper, which was my little tequila drink,” she said.

“And he would just walk over and just hand it to me. I’d be standing in a corner somewhere and he’d just hand it to me and walk away.”

Although she clarified that “the drinking of tequila didn’t happen until the end of the day,” which is fair.

The Lost City is in cinemas now! Suss out our chat with Sandra and Daniel below:

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