A Look Back At The Most Batshit Moments From ‘Power’ To Prepare You For The Final Season

After five fire seasons, drama series Power is sadly coming to an end, but not before they deliver us one last nail-biting adventure with season 6.

To prepare you for the final season of the hit series, we’ve taken a look back at the most WTF moments from Kanan (50 Cent) murdering, erm, pretty much everyone to him finally getting torched himself.

There’s still loads more spicy moments to come when season 6 is released on August 25 but first, let’s peruse through all the times Power had you losing your actual shit.

Warning: This article contains a bunch of MAJOR spoilers so if you haven’t been along for the wild ride that is Power, I defs recommend binge-watching the series before season 6 drops. OR if you’re an OG fan just rewatch for full impact (and the 4K).

Kanan murders his own fkn son

Just when you thought Kanan was about as evil as a bloke can get, he goes and takes his evilness to a whole new level by murdering his own goddamn son.

After failing to kill his father’s arch-nemesis, Shawn (Sinqua Walls) is gunned down as punishment.

And just to show you how truly black-hearted he is, Kanan deals his son one final blow (in addition to the gunshot) by saying, “I’m not your daddy.” Ouch.

Ghost’s prison rampage

The fact that Ghost (Omari Hardwick) got framed for the murder of Agent Knox (Andy Bean) was shocking on its own, but what happens behind bars is even more insane.

While incarcerated, a frustrated Ghost goes on a full on rampage and murders his prison guard nemesis with his bare hands.

It’s perhaps the most graphic scene of the entire series and proves that Ghost is one sadistic dude.

Ghost’s daughter becomes collateral damage

In the season 4 finale, Ghost’s daughter Raina (Donshea Hopkins) is killed thanks to her dodgy ass twin brother’s past with dirty undercover cop Ray Ray (Marcus Callender).

Legit no one saw her death coming, mostly because almost every character in the show is crooked or corrupt in some way, except for her.

She was a sweet, innocent girl who had nothing to do with the ~street lyf~ but sadly became collateral damage.

Kanan’s chilling threat

Interestingly, one of the most chilling scenes in the entire series doesn’t involve any violence at all, but what’s implied is dark enough to scare ya shitless.

During the show’s third season, Dre (played by G-Unit singer Rotimi) arrives home to find that Kanan had broken in and is holding his young daughter.

Kanan’s diabolical threat then forces Dre to side with him in the interest of his family’s safety. Frightening stuff.

Kanan finally bites the dust

In a shocking yet inevitable move, fan favourite Kanan is killed off, leaving punters reeling from the loss of a lead character.

After being framed for Ray Ray’s murder, Kanan is shot by the police yet somehow manages to kill the attacking officers and escape in a squad car, only to crash into a pole and die.

Considering the amount of times he’s cheated death over the years, you thought that this time would be no different but the player finally got played.

At least he went out with a bang!

Power season 6 lands on Stan on August 25 and will be available for streaming in 4K.