Play School Is Copping Heat For An Episode On Underwater Explorers After The Submarine Tragedy

play school submarine

Play School apparently fucked up on the weekend by featuring the adventures of two underwater explorers in its Saturday episode, just one day after the OceanGate submarine tragedy.

Won’t somebody please think of the children?! I can’t.

During the episode, hosts Kaeng and Rachel take Jemima (ahem, icon) and Kiya “to the bottom of the sea” in a prop that looks like a submarine. “Down you go!” Rachel said excitedly before sending the fake dolls into a fake ocean with fake animals.

to the depths of the sea we go!!! Image: ABC

They sing shit like, “Two explorers went to sea sea sea to see what they could see see see,” while finding numerous underwater creatures including glow-in-the-dark jellyfish. Fun!

Kaeng notes that the explorer will have “so much to report when they get back” to end the segment and I simply cannot make this stuff up.

I’ve learned that parents, like childless humans, have a shit-ton of opinions, so I’m not really surprised that the timing of this segment was questioned on a Reddit thread dubbed, “Bad timing for the scheduling this morning, Playschool“.

At the time of airing, it had only been one day since the five people aboard the Titanic sub were confirmed dead.

There are currently two Reddit threads creating conversation around the Play School episode, with some labelling the timing as “vicious” and “too soon”.

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by u/BenjaminaAU from discussion Playschool trolling with an episode this morning about submarines
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On the other hand, a lot of comments poked fun at how cooked Play School has been in the past, with one comment saying, “It’s no worse than the time they showed kids how to make a bong”.

Screaming. Don’t remember it? I’ve pulled it out of the archives for your viewing pleasure, alongside some other footage that might make you ROFL.

I should also note that Play School is part of ABC Kids which is aimed at an audience up to six years of age. Did you know about news headlines at six? Genuinely curious. I didn’t.

If you want to watch the Play School segment, watch it at the Reddit thread where everyone’s talking about it here.

Image: ABC.