Pete Davidson Has Dropped Some Spicy Hints That He’s Done With SNL After Seven Seasons

pete davidson leaving snl rumours

It’s very much sounding like Pete Davidson is about ready to move on from Saturday Night Live, following the show’s season finale on the weekend and his comments about SNL at a comedy roundtable that were revealed this week.

In his final ‘Weekend Update’ segment on SNL last weekend, Pete thanked viewers for watching him over his time on the show, noting that he was grateful to have the opportunity to cut his teeth over his time there.

“I’m very grateful to be here,” he said as a final remark on the season closer.

“It’s been an honour to grow up in front of you guys, so thanks.”

Hmm, that alone would be enough to send the rumour mill off like a frog in a sock, conspiring about whether or not Pete would be coming back for SNL‘s 47th (!!!) season.

But he’s gone and put more fuel on the hot flames of the rumour mill’s furnace, with comments he made about follow SNL actor Kenan Thompson hinting even more that he might be just about at the end of his time on the show.

The Hollywood Reporter – who hosted the annual Emmys roundtable – posted up the full transcript of the conversation between Davidson, his SNL co-star Chris Redd, and other comedy actors Ed HelmsBen PlattTed Danson, and Lamorne Morris this week. When the group started talking about the long stint that Thompson has put into the show (18 seasons, holy shit) Pete off-handedly noted he’s about done with his time on the long-running sketch show.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Pete said.

“I’m surprised I made it to seven [seasons]. I’m ready to hang up the jersey. Kenan’s like fuckin’ Karl Malone out there.”

I mean, if that’s not a big nod to say he’s thinking about moving on and doing other things, then I don’t know what is. Pretty much laid it right out on the table for everyone to see.

But what would Pete Davidson move onto if and when he winds up his time on SNL? In recent years he’s been working his own stand-up comedy career, had his Netflix special Alive From New York in 2020, and has been doing the odd acting gig here and there – including his first full-length features Big Time Adolescence and The King Of Staten Island.

So maybe more big-screen acting is on the cards for him once he hangs up his SNL boots, or maybe he’ll just use all that extra free time to wedge more tattoos on his body somewhere.