The Percy Jackson TV Series Is Finally Happening & We’re Hanging Out For A Logan Lerman Cameo

Percy Jackson

UPDATED 26/01/22: The kind souls at Disney+ have finally, officially greenlit the Percy Jackson TV series that they’ve been teasing us with for almost two whole years.

Variety reported today that the series, based on the smash-hit Percy Jackson and the Olympians YA books, is officially in production.

Casting is underway, so time will tell who will fill Logan Lerman‘s shoes in the TV version.

We reported back in May 2020 that the Percy Jackson TV series was coming to Disney+, after best-selling author Rick Riordan announced the news. Year 8 us was screaming.

Riordan broke the news with his wife, Becky, on Twitter. “After a lot of hard work and a lot of support from you guys, Percy Jackson is coming to Disney Plus!”

“We can’t say much more at this stage but we are very excited about the idea of a live-action series of the highest quality, following the storyline of the original Percy Jackson five-book series , starting with The Lightning Thief in season one.

“Rest assured that Becky and I will be involved in person in every aspect of the show.” Thank gods.

You love to see it.

The first two books in the series, Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters, were adapted into films in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

Sweet angel Logan Lerman starred in the leading role as Perseus Jackson, with Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth and Brandon T. Jackson as Grover.

The first film had such a random cast, including Sean Bean as Zeus (and he didn’t die for once), Uma Thurman as Medusa, and Pierce Brosnan as the centaur Chiron. And then the second movie randomly had Stanley Tucci in it.

But anyway, it’ll be interesting to see who Disney recruits, and if any of the original cast will cameo. Please bring back sweet cherub Logan. Percy is supposed to be 12 in the first book, so fingers crossed we get a more faithful adaptation this time around. Riordan was not a fan of the movies, in case you were wondering. 

20th Century Fox were behind both films, which Disney acquired last year. So you can find both films on Disney+ right now.

Now if you excuse us, we need to go re-read all the books.