Oh My Demi-God: Disney Just Announced The New Percy Jackson Cast & OG Fans Are Bloody Stoked

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Dust off your trident and grab your Greek mythology trivia cards cos Percy Jackson is BACK, baby. As if the hype train wasn’t choo-choo-ing enough, the ‘Percy Jackson’ cast has just been announced for this news Disney+ series.

It has just been announced that young guns Aryan Simhadr and Leah Sava Jeffries will join the Percy Jackson cast as Percy’s partners in crime Grover and Annabeth as per Variety.

You might recognise Aryan from ‘Will and Grace’ and Disney’s 2022 reboot of ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’. You might also know Leah from multiple episodes of ‘Empire’.

This is the freshest and spiciest update about the Percy Jackson cast after the actor playing the titular role of Percy was announced in April. Walker Scobell who starred in ‘The Adam Project’ alongside Ryan Reynolds will be playing our favourite demigod son of Poseiden (as if there was any competition).

For many young adults (including myself) Percy Jackson definitely holds a special place in our hearts. I remember churning through the book series back in primary school and thinking how cool it would’ve been to have kick-ass magical powers.

It’s super wholesome to think that a completely new generation of fans can enjoy the same feeling of watching these beloved characters come to life on the small screen as part of the Percy Jackson cast.

Who knows, maybe one day there’ll be a Percy Jackson ride at Disneyland? We can only dream.

Following the announcement, it’s fair to say fans were pretty stoked.



With this new series, Disney will be hoping to deliver a more quality outcome than the first two efforts at bringing this book series to life.

The first two books in the series, ‘Lightning Thief’ and ‘Sea of Monsters’, were adapted into films in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

The series’ author Rick Riordan was not a fan of these flicks and sent some pretty scathing emails to producers as per Indiewire.

20th Century Fox was behind both films, which Disney acquired last year which means you can find both films on Disney+ right now.

Fingers and toes are CROSSED this brand-spanking-new ‘Percy Jackson’ cast can turn this mythological ship around.

The series is scheduled for release in 2023.